Before Working With Us:

  • Mainly getting clients from referrals
  • $0 in their outbound pipeline
  • Tried outbound prospecting but didn’t generate results.

What We Did:

  • We optimized Joshua’s (CEO of Chronos Agency) Linkedin account, created a Sales Playbook, and nailed down his core offer and dream client profiles (primarily direct-to-consumer brands).
  • We then created 3 separate email domains to replicate his primary domain (https://chronos.agency), set up the email authentications, and warmed up his email accounts for him (this is an essential step to achieve high deliverability).
  • We mapped out the entire outbound sales process and set up the required systems: Offer and messaging creation, lead research, data refinement, prospecting, automations, lead management, appointment setting, follow-up sequences,
    sales coaching, and outbound process optimization.
  • We crafted 3 different outreach angles and commenced the campaign across Linkedin and Email.
  • Joshua’s team got onto the first meetings within the first few weeks.


  • Within 5 months Joshua’s sales reps got onto ~30 calls and 7 converted in email audits, representing $420,000 in sales opportunities.
  • Have a reliable and working outbound system.